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When we first came to Delhi, we were confused about admission of our son, Anveer into playgroup. After regular consultations and advise from our social circle we came to know about Tender Feet School. Without much ado we approached the school and instantly the school campus attracted Anveer. We were warmly welcomed and more than us, it was Anveer who could feel a connection with the Tender Feet.

Today, after having spent 3 years in this school, Anveer is a different boy altogether. The personal attention given by all teachers , specially Mrs Shili, Mrs Simmi and Mrs Madhu has turned my child into an intelligent lad. The basic education and intellectual growth imparted in a simple and practical manner by Tender Feet, makes me feel confident about the future of my child.

He loves the school so much that every morning he looks forward to meeting his teachers and peers. But alas, all good things come to an end and so is the academic session for Class 1. I am sure Anveer will cherish the three years he has spent at Tender Feet and miss his school a lot.

We wish to thank each one of you for giving a firm foundation to our child and we assure you that your hardwork will always be held in high esteem by us.

Satyam and Naini



My child (Armaan) began his pre-primary education at Tender Feet and has been fortunate enough to complete his 1st standard here itself.

His experience during the last year has not been his alone but ours as well. What began with uncertainty and apprehensions bloomed into another year of continued learning and making new memories.

There are many developments and achievements that we noticed in Armaan in the last two years. Amidst these, I will share a few that stand out the most as these will have a strong positive impact on his educational foundation in years to come.

The first and most interesting achievement is that he learnt to read independently in both English and Hindi. This particular achievement has made him more confident, independent and aware. As parents, while it is a pleasure to see him spend time by himself and to see books become his constant companions; it is also challenging to keep up with his constant demand for new books. We are grateful to his teachers who have patiently hand held him to this achievement.

The second achievement totally took us by surprise. Earlier, we often relied on technology for education by accessing online resources and educational videos; however, complete dependence was something new for us. Using new apps and tools took a while for us to get used to and we wondered if our little ones would be able to cope. We were pleasantly surprised to see all young children, migrate to the new means and methods of teaching and learning, so fluently. Our worries were soon put to rest, when we observed Armaan’s eagerness to operate the laptop and prepare himself for his class. I believe that this experience has turned out positive for all (students and teachers) because the teachers understood that the migration from physical to online is new to all and have been supportive and accommodating in all technological glitches that the students faced during this time.

There is another aspect of our journey last year which is definitely worthy of mention. When the shift from physical classes to online classes happened, we asked both our sons, if they would like to continue with online education. We were taken aback by their rapid responses and reasons towards the affirmative of the present situation. The conversation stayed with us and made us re-think if their responses were a reflection of our education system. Perhaps we were burdening our children with more than they were willing to take-on and were happy to be relieved. However, as two years went by, it gave the children time to settle in the new found life and so called ‘freedom’ (of waking at a more convenient time and not wearing uniforms, taking out long commuting time from their day and many more etc.). Soon some schools re-opened and most children started attending offline classes. To our relief, on their own, both confirmed that they are missing their interaction with their teachers and friends and were looking forward to going back to school. Even though I may sound repetitive, I will once again pass the large share of the credit to the teachers. Even in these challenging circumstances, the teachers brought out the best from him.

As parents, we could not have asked for more achievements and a positive experience for our child but it does leave us with another wishful thought….. “wish there was a Primary section at Tender Feet”.

Thank you Tender Feet team.

Always grateful for your support and solution centric approach.

Jyoti & Aagney
Parents of Armaan Sail