Parent's Speak

Meet Our Guardians

Aryamann Singh


It gives me immense pleasure to present my views to you through this letter. Let me congratulate Tender Feet in its efforts towards children’s development and thus impacting the society at large.

As far as Aryamann is concerned, there are several pleasant changes in his personality but the following stands out particularly well:

  • Have become very social
  • Grown in confidence
  • Learnt number counting up to 20
  • Learnt phonetics
  • Have come into a nice routine
  • Have become independent in eating
  • Last one & half months have been very exciting in his speech development
  • Enjoys show & tell and looks forward to stage performances

Once again thank you Tender Feet for the tutelage and wonderful grooming.

Sincerely yours



Thankyou for all the effort you made to make my child happy at Tender Feet and for taking such good care of our Jolie. Tender Feet is a wonderful, loving and creative place.

This is our first experience of using a kindergarden and it has more than our expectations. At the first time, we worried about the new environment with different language, it is all going to be strange and new to her but it has been a pleasure to watch her adapt well and interact with all. Jolie has loved every minute of her time at school. She has been taught the alphabets, color, shapes, size, numbers… now she can apply it to express herself in English. The ability of coloring has improved so much. In addition to learning knowledge, she enjoys to participate in all the celebrations. She loves to sing the rhymes along with the actions and dance.She shows excitement while learning new things such as brushing shoes, pouring water etc. We recognized that she made fast and better progresss in sharing toys with others, pay more attention to listen to the stories and has learnt to follow instructions.

Once again, thankyou all teachers and managerfor all your kindness and care our daughter Jolie and with all children, especially Mrs Sultana and Poonam Singh. We are sure that Jolie will never forget the wonderful time she had with everyone at Tender Feet.

Thankyou and Regards
Parents of Jolie

Saksham Singh Arora


At “Tender Feet” I believe a lot of emphasis is laid on the complete development of the body, mind and spirit. Students are exposed to various activities that helped my child to develop a strong individual identity while learning to use appropriate social skills, such as learning to communicate and manage his emotions and opinions when interacting with others. He developed a positive attitude and behaviour. I really want to thank “Tender Feet” for providing safe and secure learning environment in which every child feels safe. I especially want to thank “Dimpy ma’am” for encouraging and loving my child with all his craziness, ideas and rainbow coloured stories.

With eternal gratitude
Parents of Saksham

Seerat Kaur


Seerat having joined the Tender Feet family at the age of nearly 16 months has now grown up to be a three years plus old kid. Over this period from a shy baby holding her soft toy friend “Lion” who accompanied her daily to school, she has grown up to be a very confident, expressive, creative and observant child as a result of tremendous efforts, constant endeavour and patience beyond imagination of the entire team at Tender Feet. We still clearly remember the day we met Devaki Madam for the first time and it were the positive vibes and her assuring words that made us choose Tender Feet for our daughter Seerat as a school and day care both. Since then there is no looking back and we are sure that it was the right decision for our child. Being a nuclear family with both of us working, it was very difficult for us to continue our job. At that juncture Tender Feet provided a secure, protective, supportive, encouraging and beautiful environment to our daughter and nurtured her into a very inquisitive and responsible child, ready to explore the bigger world of formal schooling. We are sincerely to the entire Team at Tender Feet for it and any words are less to express our gratitude as assured parents.

Thank you and Regards
Parents of Seerat

Vivaan Saluja


Vivaan joined Tender Feet a week before he turned two. With each passing day we have seen his confidence growing, he has become more independent in daily activities, has also started expressing himself better and has become more of a storyteller. We believe Tender Feet has played significant role in this by engaging in various activities.

He often repeats skills learnt at Tender Feet and surprise us. Counting things with pointing index finger, dragging chair to offer us seat, pouring water in cup(not to mention the spills), asking “Hello! How are you?”(to his toys and to selective people of his choice_, coming home and telling his mother that he has finished his lunch. Narrating what his friends and Simi Ma’am does at school and is always concerned about them.

A growing kid is a learner by nature and all we could give him to encourage this ability is the right environment. Thank you Tender Feet and special thanks to Simi ma’am and Vivaan’s Madhu didi for taking extra care.

Thank you and Regards
Parents of Vivaan

Zurich Malhotra


Our son Zurich has always been a very understanding child. However, I feel that after starting Tender Feet Play School, I can attribute many more qualities to him.

After all these months of play school and being under the almost motherly guidance of Monica Ma’am, Zurich is much more confident. As much as we have realised that Zurich is a bright boy. We have also come to understand that he has a strong inclination towards outdoor sports.

The real life activities that are taught in the school play a major role in the child’s independence. Zurich loves doing chores since always, but now he does them with more precision. Zurich has also learnt very good social skills that are going to stick with him for his whole life; namely sharing, team work and making friends.

To conclude, Tender Feet has helped Zurich not only to be better in Academics but also to become, a better child.

Thank you and Regards
Parents of Zurich