Parent's Speak

Meet Our Guardians

Yerik Gupta


Yerik our loving younger child has been enjoying his second home at Tender Feet School for last two years. He has learnt to play, to learn and to observe. His ability to understand things and question has grown significantly. His acting in school plays- Ramayana and Christmas celebrations – made us realise his potential to act and also that he enjoys the limelight.

He is interested in reading picture books and shares his knowledge with everyone. He is inquisitive and asks sensible and at times, mature questions - which amaze us.

  • He is always excited to go school to meet his teachers, friends and to be at “Jhoolabari”. Yerik literally means “appointed by God”, and we feel that we are finding sense in this name as he brings love, joy and happiness to our family – has found sense to his name at Tender Feet School.
  • Sincerely yours
    Mrs & Mr Gupta

Shivaank Sunil


Shivaank joined the flowers class in April 2017. We were slightly apprehensive about him coping up with the new environment. Being a homely child till date, we were tense like any other parent. Initial few days or rather weeks has been a struggle to send him in the morning. He kept crying, but kept going. We were fortunate to have Ms.Shili and Ms.Poonam Singh as his teachers who took care of his needs with utmost care. Within no time, we were surprised to see his better communicative skills in both English and Hindi, as well as his much developed social behaviour.

He actively participated in all the school activities which made us proud; indeed the credit goes to his mentors at Tender Feet. It is a pleasure to observe the good habits he learnt from school, be it the way he dresses or the way he conducts. Tender Feet gave him all the opportunity to grow as a happy child. Nature walks, farm visits, cultural programmes, every planned activity left lot of good memories in him, and we are sure this stepping stone towards the world of knowledge will help him immensely in his future.

We, the parents of Shivaank Sunil will have a special place for Tender Feet in our life for taking care of our child and bringing up him in a professional manner. It was indeed a privilege to be part of family headed by Ms. Devaki Srinivasan.

Thank You and best wishes.
Sunil & Neethu

Agastya Narain


Tender Feet school has had a warm and welcome presence in our lives, nurturing our son AgastyaNarain in many ways. His childhood so far has been a happy one full of laughter and learning with the Tender Feet Family. We still remember the winter of 2016 when we walked Agastya for the first time though the gates of Tender Feet, the cold outside forgotten amidst the warm smiles of Tender Feet teachers. Agastya’s opened his heart to Harshita Ma’am, Madhulika Ma’am, Shili Ma’am & Poonam Singh Ma’am, chatting at home about them and his new friends. Apparently he told them several animated stories about his home too – connecting us beautifully!!

With eternal gratitude
Azeez and Suryanandini Narain

Ridaan Maan


School Experience: It was a quite emotional to describe the journey of our child in Tender Feet school. It took us two months tofinalize his school. We both were worried and tensed to find a school which can look after our child the way we take care of him. Finally after a long search Mrs. Devaki Srinivasan had made it very easy for us to take a prolonged decision, meeting of 15 minutes with Devaki Ma’am has given us the confidence that she has a lot of knowledge and experience to give these little ones and the day after meeting Simmi Ma’am made us think that if she would be around my child then he will be in right hands to start his academic journey and as Guru or mentor she will nurture him to become a smart, intelligent and independent individual.

Child Approach Towards School: Initially when Ridaan had started going to School, he was very nervous and unconfortable to meet new people (Teachers, Students and School Staff) but now he is a different child altogether. He has made few friends and talks about Aman, Thimaya, Victoria and Dhwani regularly at home. His favourite place in school is Jhoola Bari and Blocks play area. He is always eager to perform on stage and never wants to miss school even if he is unwell. He always tells us to call Simmi Ma’am as she might be waiting for Ridaan and feel bad that he is not attending school.

Changes In Our Child’s Learning Style: We have noticed a lot of positive changes in him. Now he is regular with his learning and writing work at home. Now days he is more curious about his surrounding and always wants to know about nature, friendship, universe, food, and festivals. He became quite sensible about his dressing while going to school and keeps himself neat and clean and always puts things (shoes, school bag, toys and clothes etc) back in the right place from where he had picked them up.

The best part is that now a day tells us to eat healthy food and be hygienic while using washroom. I would like to finish this note with Special Thanks to your school and school’s staff (Director, Principal, Teachers, Didis, Cab drivers and Guards). You all have made it possible for all the little ones to put their tender feet in your Tender Feet Nursery School.

Thanks and Regards
Mrs and Mr Maan

Rudra Bhola


Tender Feet family has always been so helpful and accommodating towards Rudra. I still remember the day when I discussed about Rudra's diagnosis for the first time and everyone has been so helpful and gone the way out to help us.

Moniyka Ma'am despite being not a special educator has played a great role in bringing out the best in him. She has really worked hard and always gone out of the way to help Rudra and was always there to listen to me in tough times.

Geeta Ma'am has given so much love and warmth during his stay in daycare.

All the other teachers were so loving towards him.

We had such great memories of Tenderfeet.

We really had tough times after his admission in formal school and you have made his journey so smooth when he rejoined Tenderfeet family again in December 2016.

I have just done my bit by educating the fellow moms in choosing the correct school so that their child gets the benefit.

Thank you so much once again for everything.

Meenakshi Bhola