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    • Ms. Devaki Srinivasan


      I am often asked questions such as " What is the right age to send our little babies to school? How long will it take for our child to get used to the daily routine? What do you do with such small children?" And the list is endless!!

      To all these, my answer would be that at Tender Feet, each child is welcomed to a warm, loving and caring environment - a sort of "home away from home". We are introduced to our babies as 'Maam ,Aunty, daadi, naani' - safe and familiar words, evoking a sense of trust and security.

      It is indeed imperative that the Play School that you choose to put your child in, must have a proven record of good reputation and credibility. A fixed routine is essential for proper growth and learning. As each child is different, he or she takes her/his own time getting used to the routine.

      Here at Tender Feet, your child is introduced to the endless possibilities in the class room - a place which will be their "den" till they move into the next class. It is here that they are introduced to friends and the process of 'socialization' actually begins. The child learns the art of giving and sharing, asking for something that he or she may require rather than snatching it, first "introductions" to life in general - while learning to be a "contributing member" of the class. It is here that we help him or her take those first important steps to building confidence and self-esteem. Ample opportunities exist for growth of the child-mental, emotional and physical. We prepare the child not to simply pass an interview that may be round the corner, but to help in laying the foundation that would serve them for the rest of their lives.

      Tender Feet has been built upon the belief that the child's earliest memories are the ones that they carry with them for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason that a lot of effort and emphasis is laid in ensuring that our 'little ones' have pleasant memories of their first Play School!

      I think what really differentiates this school from so many others would be the 'personalized' attention that we give to each child, where each of them is treated as an individual - with his or her own specific traits, character and specific needs. Where the teachers have time for your babies! We are certainly different - maybe because we have not equated education here to commercial interests, but continue to impart education like in the old days - with loads of love and affection for your little ones.

      Ms. Devaki Srinivasan is the Principal. With a Postgraduate degree in Sociology, she has past experience of teaching at the Lawrence School in Sanawar, the American School in New Delhi as well as at the New English School in Kuwait. Extremely fond of, and comfortable with children, she is a big asset to the school.


Your child will be spending a lot of time at the school. As such, the role of the teachers in these first few years is so very important to his or her well being. Keeping this in mind, we at Tender Feet lay a lot of importance to the selection process of the teachers. Not only educational qualifications, but the outlook of the individual in respect to patience, communication skills and ability to be loving and caring are uppermost in our mind.

The School follows a system whereby the Principal is ably assisted by a team of teachers. The school also retains on its rolls a set of independent teachers who are 'specialized' in various activities such as Theatre, Arts and Crafts, E.P.L. (Exercises of Practical Life) etc.

Teachers undergo "Training Sessions" on a regular basis for upgrading their teaching and communication skills


The curriculum of the school has been specially designed keeping the present day requirements in mind. "A healthy mind in a healthy body" - so we start the day with Prayer, Aerobics, Yoga and Songs with Actions. Apart from the usual formal educational curriculum consisting of Word Recognition, Motor Skills, Fine Motor skills etc. The school has introduced some facets of 'Montessori' curriculum as well. This consists of "Exercises of Practical Life" (E.P.L.) have objects and materials normally encountered in everyday living experiences such as cleaning, sweeping, pouring and dressing, for example activities in the Kitchen, Drawing Room, Medical Room, Dressing Room etc., This helps the child learn in a purposeful way.

There is Theatre, Singing, Nature walks and excursions to keep the mind and body constantly evolving. Adequate time is provided for physical activity as well, in our Jhoola Bari.