Annual Events


Celebrating graduation day in preschool. A wonderful way to end a memorable school year!


Summer Camp is a cherished tradition that brings to mind sunny days, laughter and a host of unforgettable experiences. It offers children an opportunity to step outside their comfort zones, explore nature, make new friends and develop valuable life skills.

The diverse activities help them to conquer their fears, learn new skills or simply basking in the joy of uninhibited laughter. The Summer Camp culminates with a Finale where every child gets an opportunity to perform on the stage and exhibit their talent. Our Summer Camp offers an enriching and transformative experience that stays with campers for a lifetime.


Children Day Carnival was celebrated at Tender Feet with great enthusiasm. Children had fun jumping on the bouncy,playing musical chairs, dancing to the musical beats and participating in the Colouring Competition. Parents too had an enjoyable experience watching the Shadow Play and looking at their children perform various activities.The highlight of the event was the Baby Show where the mothers accompanied the little ones for a ramp walk.


Ramayana, the great Indian epic tells us the story of Lord Rama and his victorious fight over the evil king Ravana. It has many lessons for us, most important being family values.

Our kids imbibe the core values when they perform themselves on stage .It is a sight to behold when the little ones slip into their assigned characters. It is a thrill for the kids and an unforgettable memory for the parents.


There was magic in the air!! The recently concluded Spring Festival organized by Tender Feet Nursery School was a grand success. Competitive activities for children included Drawing & Painting, Hand Writing, Fancy Dress, Tambola and Group & Solo dance competition. These were available for different age groups so that everyone could participate.


Christmas is a much awaited festival at Tender Feet. The children eagerly looked forward to seeing Santa, for he came laden with gifts. The parents were thrilled to see their little ones enacting the Nativity Scene, singing carols. The parents were also treated to a baking session where one of our parents was the baker.