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Admission open for session 2024-25! ... Tender Feet - Admission open for session 2024-25! ... Tender Feet - Admission open for session 2024-25!

To nurture happy and confident children who will be good citizens of the country in future!!

Ms. Anu Khurana, one of the Directors of Tender Feet Education Society, is closely involved in the operations of the school. Formally associated with environment-friendly projects for Delhi Government.

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How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • Preschool

    A Preschool is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education.

  • Day Care

    Tender Feet take pride in our Day Care Facility - a service that spares no effort in providing clean.

  • School Amenities

    Amenities are something considered to benefit a property and thereby increase its value.

Our staff consists of teachers with experience in early childhood care.

Ms. Devaki Srinivasan is the Principal. With a Postgraduate degree in Sociology, she has past experience of teaching at the Lawrence School in Sanawar, the American School in New Delhi as well as at the New English School in Kuwait. Extremely fond of, and comfortable with children, she is a big asset to the school.

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  • Tender Feet was my first choice to get my daughter introduced to the ways of the world. With a combination of experienced teachers & child friendly environment, I will be always thankful to the tender feet team for enabling by daughter to become a confident child to take on formal schooling.

    Sumi Shukla
  • Like a caterpillar sheds his cocoon to gain wings and fly.Like a sapling grows up into a plant and yet stays grounded with its roots going deeper into the lap of mother earth.Vinayak has grown up at Tender Feet. His world is now bigger than before.

  • TenderFeet together has not only nurtured my daughter... It has groomed me to be a better parent!

    Charu and Tanmay Singh


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